We like the mind-expanding experiences that travel can provide. Some trips we particularly enjoyed:

  • Our first international travel--a driving trip to Mexico City with Mom & Dad in 1971. See pix.
  • Around the world in 1972 with the Ecumenical Institute. See pix
  • Back to Mexico City by train with our kids in 1975. See pix.
  • A tour of Northern West Germany in 1987 with the parents of our German exchange student (see pix.) followed by a Bicycle Tour in Germany & Holland (see pix).
  • A week on a narrow boat in England (pix here) followed by a week in Scotland (pix here) in 2006.
  • Bremen, Berlin and East Germany with our friends, the Kochs (pix here) in 2007.
  • Taking Amtrak across the US and back (pix here) in 2007.
  • Riding our new scooters to Michigan and back in 2008. 
  • Riding our scooters around Lake Erie in 2009 (pix here).
  • Visiting Peru and Maccu Pichu in 2010. (see pix)
  • Italy & Malta in 2011. (see pix ).