My Family

Here's my family: in the lower left are son Kevin Lyon and his wife Gennifer Meeker Lyon and our grandson Riley Lyon who live in Santa Paula, CA. Upper right are wife Carol and me. Lower right is daughter Rita Lyon, who lives near us in North College Hill.

My Community

I live in College Hill, one of Cincinnati's great neighborhoods. 


Wife Carol and I are active Episcopalians. To help support our local church, I built a website and a Facebook page for Grace Church and I edit eGraceNotes, our enewsletter.


I work around the building and occasionally preach. You can read some of my sermons here.


For eight years, I was a Mentor for the University of the South School of Theology's EfM (Education for Ministry) program. Most people complete this program, which provides the essentials of a seminary education in four years; in my additional eight years of leading classes, I found I'd missed a lot my first time through. There's nothing like teaching to help one get one's mind around the material.


We like the mind-expanding perspectives that travel experiences provide. Go here for more about our travel experiences.

Web Tools, Easy & Cheap

Having a web presence is critical to any organization or person that needs to present a face to the public. Too many don't have a web site because of perceived complexity and cost. There are free/inexpensive and easy-to-use tools available to do this, but finding them is a challenge.


I've done some searching and evaluating and have some up with a short list of tools that I use for myself and in my work with others.